Root canal therapy (RCT) is undertaken when the nerve located inside the tooth becomes irreversibly inflamed, dies or becomes infected. This most commonly happens if tooth decay progresses from the tooth surface all the way through to the nerve in the middle of the tooth. It can also occur due to a serious knock to the tooth (often years after it happened), or after large, deep restorations are placed. This can occasionally be a very painful experience.

RCT involves cleaning out the nerve that lies in the centre of the crown of the tooth and extends down each root of the tooth in a canal. Tiny files are used to clean and shape the root canals which are then filled and sealed with a suitable material. The procedure itself is usually painless. It can involve one to several visits to complete.

The key to success of this greatly misunderstood technique lies in completing all stages of treatment relatively quickly and placing a good quality restoration over the top of the tooth.

All our dentists at Dentists On Starkey routinely complete RCT (endodontics). This is a predictable, safe and long-lasting treatment for most teeth in the mouth. In certain situations, this delicate procedure is best performed by a dental specialist (endodontist). Your treating dentist will advise you if that is the case.