Dentists on Starkey commenced at 22 Starkey St Forestville in 1984. Dr Michael May had been practising in association in the area for some years prior to establishing the new practice in the little cottage on that site. The cottage was rewired and plumbed to provide two dental surgeries and an office. 

Over the years as the practice grew, the office was converted to a third surgery. The facilities in the little cottage were stretched to the limits with three busy dentists, with many office tasks being carried out off-site.

The decision was made in 2000 to develop a purpose-built dental clinic a couple of doors down the road from the present site at 16 Starkey St Forestville. After 10 years of council negotiation, including the Land and Environment Court, the current premises were built, designed by Dr Michael May.

The new facilities opened in April 2011. Offering everything a modern high quality dental practice requires: more consulting and office rooms, separate sterilizing and laboratory areas, more staff amenities, and state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology to support the highest standards of clinical activities.

The team at Dentists on Starkey are very proud of the new premises at 16 Starkey St Forestville and know you will love the experience of attending here for all you oral care needs.