Oral Care for Children and Teens is best when following the KISS principle: Keep It Simple: Six-monthly.

Our Dentists are highly skilled to assess the risk of oral disease occurring in your child's mouth, well before it does or progresses to a point of pain or breakage, which can be when they tell you about it! Knowing this, we are keen to give you and your children the tips and tricks to prevent decay and other problems developing at an Examination appointment.

Youths are growing and changing rapidly. From age 5, with regular examinations, preventive fissure sealants can be applied in back molar and premolar teeth to prevent holes starting in these teeth that need to last a lifetime - till they're about 100 years old!

Monitoring of facial and dental growth changes that may need to help of an orthodontist are best treated early in most cases.

Establishing good oral care habits young, well mean they get to spend their hard-earned savings on fun things like travel rather than expensive and preventable dentistry later in life.

Dentists on Starkey participate in the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) for eligible children. Find out more about our CDBS services here.