For those approaching, or having recently reached retirement, dental health takes on a new dimension. The mouth and teeth frequently show characteristic signs and symptoms of the fullness of life enjoyed to date. Repaired, worn and eroded teeth and restorations usually require some TLC. Often there is evidence of some gum disease contributing to jaw bone loss, leading to lengthening and loosening of teeth. This is both an aesthetic and functional concern of smiling, talking and eating.

The impact of systemic medical conditions on oral health is now well understood, particularly in relation to gum disease. There is strong evidence linking poor gum health to heart disease, diabetes, and even some autoimmune conditions.

The use of many medications by mature adults frequently contributes to a dry mouth. This increases the risk of developing dental decay, which if left untreated can lead to more expensive treatment such as Root Canal Therapy or even tooth loss (extractions). 

At Dentists on Starkey, we recognise the need for early detection and treatment of these situations, for your oral and overall wellbeing, and peace of mind.